The project consists of seven work packages (WP):

WP1. Project Coordination and Management is in charge of overall project control and resources monitoring;

WP2. Journalistic Education, Professionalization and Ethical Standards focuses on conditions and role of journalists and alternative media content producers in modern European society;

WP3. Political Economy of Journalistic Media and Alternative Media focuses on examination of roles of technology and changes in media markets;

WP4. Media Law and Regulations for Diversity and Pluralism focuses on how regulatory frameworks function across Europe;

WP5. Reconnecting Citizens to Democratic Media focuses on socio-political dimensions of news repertoires;

WP6. Exploitation, Impact Scenarios and Policy Recommendations focuses on overall emphasis of impact and exploitation of research results;

WP7. Dissemination, Communication and Sustainability focuses on integrating stakeholders and audiences into communication, dissemination, and exploitation processes.