The Objectives of WP 7 are to communicate the research outputs and enhancing their awareness with multiple audiences such as policy makers, financial actors, civil society organisations, media practitioners and the general public, to disseminate the research outputs by increasing the relevant stakeholders’ acceptance of research results, to exploit the research outputs by enabling their uptake by stakeholders and to identify possible opportunities for sustaining project results beyond the project period.

The project will meet the above goals by mapping and integrating stakeholders in the communication, dissemination and exploitation process, creating a media and communication strategy and state of the art Online Content Curation, developing trainings and organising workshops, as well as a final/next-steps conference that will address the continuous impact of the project, bringing together the project results and findings and paving the way for its future use. To this end, a Sustainability Plan will be developed in order to examine the transformation of the ReMeD community into a sustainable think tank.