WP1 is deals with the day-to-day management activities, reporting, and monitoring progress according to the Description of Action and Gantt chart. It ensures the alignment of activities with overall goals, milestones and timescales. WP1 also develops the guidelines for quality assurance of the work in the project and gender equality, auditing the quality of the outcomes and taking corrective actions as necessary. Furthermore, WP1 is identifies project management and implementation risks and monitors them.

The project coordinator and WP1 Leader, UNAV will also manage communication and information exchange with members of the Commission. Within this the following tasks are included:

  • Submission of reports on the project’s administrative and financial progress to the European Commission;
  • Templates and schedules distribution to all partners and Advisory Board members, especially financial reporting templates and requirements (including project timesheets and budgets) and project audit requirements;
  • And the financial administration according to European and national legislation and Horizon Europe requirements/guidance in each partner financial administration.

In addition, WP1 develops a Data Management Plan, a Research Ethics Policy, assigns an independent Data Protection Officer, an Advisory Board, and deals with the Management of Knowledge and IPR issues and integrates them within the framework of the Consortium Agreement (CA).