ReMeD will have a significant impact on the quality of democracy by improving media and democracy relationships. ReMeD will provide a pan European comparative analysis (based on 8 selected countries) and policy options for improvement of working conditions, education and professionalization of journalists in journalistic media and alternative media content producers as well as improve practices of the above-mentioned in service of public interest. ReMeD will deliver a multi-perspective and evidence-based academic research, policy recommendations as well as a multitude of creative, innovative, and high impact deliverables for any stakeholder who requires accurate, balanced, objective, truthful and useful information to improve our sustainability of democracy overall but also media plurality, political participation and inclusion. A “hybrid media system” theory will develop proving changes and mediation of messages in democracy in platformization of news whereby professional journalists and alternative media content producers compete for news agenda, thus changing the media systems as we know it. This ground-breaking approach will impact the scientific community and understanding of media systems and democracy, will have policy implications in both media laws and regulations, will rethink the role of civil society in enhancing civic participation and naturally, preserve and strengthen democracy in the EU.