The First ReMeD Advisory Board and Stakeholders’ workshop, held on February 29, 2024, served as a pivotal gathering, bringing together distinguished academics, media industry stakeholders, and policymakers to foster improved journalistic practices and media legislation. Set in the historic Residence Palace in Brussels, the event began with opening remarks from Mercedes Medina, Renate Schroeder, and Georgios Terzis. The workshop delved into the foundations of journalistic practices with sessions led by Thomas Hanitzsch and Andreas Riedl. Tales Tomaz discussed the complex relationships inherent in the political economy of journalistic and alternative media. Afternoon sessions featured Alice Nemcova and Nicole Stremlau, who examined the labyrinth of media law and its critical function in fostering diversity and pluralism. Ike Picone rounded out the sessions with a focus on reestablishing the essential connection between citizens and democratic media. The event was structured to promote engagement and thoughtful discourse, with ample Q&A sessions for comprehensive debates. The presence of notable advisory board members and stakeholders, added a wealth of knowledge and viewpoints.