ReMeD researchers from the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, attended the most extensive science festival in the Czech Republic, 2023 Week of the Czech Academy of Sciences. ReMed team led by doc. Alice Němcová Tejkalová, PhD., arranged a Science Café entitled “What information and what personalities belong to the media? And should we even have to deal with it?”

The open debate about the legitimacy of voices and sources in the public sphere was held in the evening of Tuesday, November 7 and took place in Hlína Café in Hybernská Campus in Prague. The members of the ReMeD research team, represented by doc. Alice Němcová Tejkalová and Dr. Anna Shavit, discussed the clash of the necessity of regulation related to disinformation in digital space and the threat of censorship while explaining the current issues such as the war in Ukraine and Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the role of media. The debate proved that freedom of speech is naturally understood to be fundamental in Czech society. Still, the verification and fight against disinformation is also crucial in the post-facto era.